Woman2Woman: Keeping It Real

Theme: Women on a Mission to See Destiny Revealed

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15

W2W Mission

Inspiring women, 18 and older, to regain control of lives gone astray, identify their authentic identify, and reclaim all that God has promised for successful, joy-filled, prosperous lives.

Fellowship Summary 

 A monthly or bi-monthly fellowship to help women face unresolved issues that promote negative thinking, encourage poor decision-making, and hinder positive life outcomes. The program is designed to help women develop and live empowered lives. These sessions provide strategies to release the ghosts and strongholds of the past and become women of authenticity, purpose, and destiny. There are no restrictions on race, ethnicity, social status, or spiritual foundation.

When: Community sessions are the second Saturday of each month. Customized programs are scheduled to meet the needs of participants.

What You’ll Experience:

The series is designed to help every woman discover her full potential to live life on her and God’s term and position to fulfill her destiny. Participant will:

  • Discuss strategies to face strongholds of the past that promote negative thinking and behaviors or lead to less-than living.
  • Talk about the issues women face that are often ignored in most circles.
  • Discover pitfalls that hinder ability to dream, hope, and pursue the next level.
  • Learn to decipher spiritual gifts and talents.
  • Learn to take back control of life when the traumas and disappointments have left you feeling overwhelmed, beaten and defeated.
  • Learn to walk righteously to pursue hearts desires and dwell in purpose.

Why should you join us in ‘keeping it real’?

  • You’ll have an opportunity to have an open forum discussion of real issues and concerns with like-minded women.
  • You’ll learn positive strategies to deal with negative issues and release the mess, muck, and mire of the past that hinder purpose and destiny.
  • You’ll receive hands on strategies to get to know yourself through self assessments and empower yourself to make success happen.
  • You’ll get tools to help turn your dreams into reality, target long lasting personal and professional success, and to boldly pursue your passion.

Next W2W Fellowship

Saturday, June 09, 2018

To give our awesome sisterhood the well deserved honor of being spoiled rotten for Mother's Day, our May W2W meeting was cancelled for this month.  Our next meeting is scheduled for June.

Join us for our June W2W Fellowship on June 09, 2018, 9:30 – 12:30 p.m.   June is Child Appreciation Month, so our topic will focus on "Valuing Home and Family" on our journey to purpose and destiny as we push past adversities and hindrances to make our dreams our reality.   

Thus far, we've accomplished much in establishing our foundation to provide continual support to each other as we position to be victorious in 2018. We’ll continue to discuss those strategies and more going forward. In preparation for the fellowship, attendees are charged to do the following:

  1. Identify an accountability / prayer partner you can trust to hold you to what you say you want to do.
  2. If you have started a Vision Board or Vision Notebook, give us an update on how you are using the Board / Notebook for goal achievement. We’ll discuss the factors that are critical to making your Vision Board mean something and is a tool to manifest your vision.  A vision board is of no value if you don't know how to use it to help make the vision a reality.

We are growing in sisterhood, which is a wonderful, glorious, and blessed thing😊. However, we always cut registration off at 25. So register early if you plan to attend, especially if you want to bring a friend.  Registration deadline is Wednesday, 6/06/18. Can't wait to see your faces in the place.

To find out more and register if you are in the greater Atlanta area, Click Here. Also feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Would love to see your face in the place.  Be phenomenally blessed...and don't lose your excitement for your 2018!

"What attendees are saying"

What can I say about Woman to Woman Keeping it Real/Proverbial Peace Ministry, other than it transforming, life changing, and wonderful. I attended the 8 week summer series and I haven’t been the same since. I have grown in areas that I thought no one could reach. I eagerly went each Saturday excited about what I was going to learn for that day, lessons about self (how and why we are the way we are) and reviewing results from our homework assignments. Learning my authentic self was eye opening, much like a rebirthing. It was WONDERFUL!!!
W2W Participant - 8-Week Program.   Call today to schedule the Series for your women's group.  Men are welcomed to attend!

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